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Pot Size:4-inch standard

Bloom Type:Double/Triple bloom, Star

Bloom Color:Pink

Leaf Type:Heart shaped, lightly serrated

Leaf Color:Medium green

Year Introduced:2014

AVSA Registration Number:TBA

Patent Number:Pending


Hybridized By:Reinhold Holtkamp Sr.


Rhapsodie Ingrid is not your average pink double, these unique blooms are often triple, with over 20 petals. Her rich green, red-backed foliage is in perfect harmony with the bright pink bloom color.
The flowers feature thick, rounded petals that resemble a miniature rose. Ingrid's bloom center often has a symmetrical, decorative shape that makes her an exquisite new addition to the Rhapsodie series of violets.

She will be appearing in stores starting in the 2nd quarter of 2014. For growers who want to start now - she's available by LEAF at the link below.

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