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Pot Size:4-inch medium standard

Bloom Type:Single, pansy, frilled

Bloom Color:Green with star-shaped white center

Leaf Type:Rounded, glossy/shiny, lightly serrated, slightly wavy

Leaf Color:Medium green

Year Introduced:2014

AVSA Registration Number:Pending

Patent Number:Pending

Variety Number:777


Hybridized By:Martin Holtkamp


This is the latest cultivar from Optimara lead hybridizer since 2007, Martin Holtkamp.  His myViolet series has been a big hit internationally. Expect some exciting surprises in the future from Martin!
mySensation - click for full size image
Quantities are limited while stock is propagated for retail distribution.
Currently Available for Leaf Purchase Only.

 mySensation was first shown to the public at last year. It was an instant hit, with thousands of likes and shares. Optimara decided to release for 2014, though it will take time to hit stores. 

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myViolet user photos of mySensation